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  • City: Redding
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Listed: March 14, 2020 6:22 pm
  • Expires: 6 days, 21 hours




Fully-Furnished Apartment close to Home Depot. Check out our promo video for the 2nd year program!!!


*Still open for a 2nd-year guy as of 3/14/2020*


Shared Room – $365

*Utilities INCLUDED as long as they stay below $300/month.

Hi everyone! I am a 3rd Year BSSM graduate and a volunteer with Grace Place Discipleship, and here is a personal note from our founder and director:

Hello, my name is Daniel Newton. I graduated from BSSM 3rd year in 2009 and am the property manager and director of Grace Place Discipleship. If you’re looking for a community with other young men and women who are interested in cultivating a revival and grace culture, then this is the house for you! Grace Place is not your ordinary housing. It is a mentored discipleship community designed to encourage growth, development, and family. Once a week, we have Family Night where we eat dinner, share about our weeks, and worship together, followed by a teaching on grace, faith righteousness, and identity. We also have Event Nights each week that focus on various aspects of the supernatural Christian life, in addition to retreats at the beginning and end of the year. If you want to be mentored, pursue God with a family, and be rooted in the Simple Gospel, apply for Grace Place today.


– Daniel Newton

The Grace Place Guy’s house is a beautiful 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, apartment located on Burton Dr. It is a fully-furnished, under-30 Guy’s house located in central redding, and near the mall and main grocery stores.The house has a washing machine, dryer, and fridge. 

If you would like more information or are interested in applying for Grace Place, go to https://www.graceplaceredding.com and click the “APPLY NOW” button at the top of the website.

If you have any specific questions then email or call us at: apply4graceplace@gmail.com 530-710-8650

For Grace Place housing testimonies, click here: 


Below are some testimonies of previous students who have lived in Grace Place:

Grace Place Guys’ Testimonies

Coming to Grace Place , I thought that I would step into a community that just provides housing for students, but it was so much more than that. I was changed because of the leaders and not only did I learn from them, but I was also stretched out of my comfort zone in order to grow and see God move. Grace Place taught me to pursue God and in return pursue other with love and intentionality. I know that what I experienced in Grace Place during the year, I get to keep for a lifetime.

– João Correia (1st Year – 2018)

From the moment I set foot in Grace Place, my peers and leadership challenged me to be the man God made me to be. My standards were raised, my thought patterns were shifted and my pride and reliance on self were confronted. All of this caused me to fall in love with God and His Word all the more. I will never be the same and Grace Place has laid a solid foundation for me to build on for the rest of my life.

– David Smith (2nd Year – 2018)

Grace Place is a community where you learn to become more like Christ and how to remain in place for the rest of your life of pursuing transformation and growth. Before coming to Grace Place I haven’t experienced leaders who are so interested in the best for your life and current situations. You learn about, and how to live by Kingdom values, to be who God intended and created you to be in every moment of your life. Overall, Grace Place is a place of transformation, growth, truth, grace, intentionality, discipline and joy!

– Joel Binder (2nd Year – 2017)

Grace Place is a place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ will come alive like you could never imagine. You will be immersed in Spirit and in Truth day and night as the leaders follow and guide you every step of the way. I was pretty much a universalist before coming into GP, but now understand the Word and the Gospel. I have the deepest friend connections that I have ever had in my life after Grace Place, people I would lay my life down for. If you want to know what healthy leadership looks like and true biblical discipleship, then come to GP. You will never be the same!

– Jesse Wahl (2nd Year – 2017)

Before I came to Grace Place I was desiring to be discipled and I asked God for a mentor. His answer was Grace Place. The leadership team at Grace Place was committed to seeing growth in me from the very beginning. Being surrounded by a group of people who saw me the way Christ does, allowed for me to start viewing myself the same way. I started really believing in this new identity of being a righteous son of God. The truth was spoken to me in love and I was challenged to live with a greater level of excellence than ever before. Grace Place taught me to live more in line with the truth and that it is the Truth that makes us free. I can say that I have never felt more free than I have after doing this program. Grace Place has prepared me to live a radical life for Jesus and truly live out the call of a follower of Jesus. I will be forever grateful.

– Steve Burns (2017)


I grew up in a small church community and never really experienced such deep discipleship with spiritual leaders. Grace place was able to show me all the benefits that come with fully submitting to its leadership and trusting them more than I trusted my own ability to fix my circumstance . The program has great leaders who create an environment where you can take risks and challenge yourself and learn from your mistakes.Grace Place taught me how community and relationships ought to look like as they build their own with core values and now I will be able to take those and build my own relationships and communities. I’m a ‘people person’ but prior to the program this was hidden behind fear of men and rejection. But this year I really felt like the leaders were able to see so much potential and were able to call it out . I learnt so much about how God sees me and how I ought to lead others and myself. I learnt what it means to let go of what I feel and how everyday is a new chance of being more like Jesus.

– Lydia Ouverson (2018)

When God told me to apply for Grace Place I immediately felt disqualified and not good enough for it. But I followed God’s voice and as I came into the program I stepped into a special grace and freedom. The leaders loved me where I was at but helped me to get to the next level, to break off fears, lies and insecurities. They believed in me and challenged me. I’ve never known before what it means to pull on a leader or how to submit to one. I’ve never seen community that is like family like Grace Place. I’ve never seen people who are so selfless, generous, intentional and who love Jesus and the bible like these people. As I was finally submitted to a leader, under his covering and as I was fully honest with my mentor I got breakthrough this year that I’ve been fighting for for years. I can say with confidence that Grace Place impacted me so much and that I will never be the same ever again after this year. 

– Selina Schlotthauer (2018)

I have learned so much from Grace Place, like faith righteousness, that I am a new creation, and that I have no limits. But more than that, I have found a family where I can truly be myself, knowing that I will be loved, valued, and challenged to grow alongside my friends and loving leaders. I’ve been welcomed into a community where I really can trust and depend on leaders because they have my best at heart and will give up their own convenience and comfort to help me reach it. Together, we’ve become a close-knit community who follow Jesus with no agenda but to love him and his children wholeheartedly, helping them walk in all that He paid for. I’ve found freedom through the ministry of Grace Place- but not just freedom from things that held me back. I’ve found freedom that leads me into something greater than myself.

– Katherine Marx (2018)

At Grace Place I had the privilege of being part of a family of passionate revivalists who pushed me to give God my everything. I learned to focus on God rather than myself, to prioritize Him over everything, to trust Him, and to value the Word like never before and base my life off the truth, not my feelings. Grace Place reemphasized, expounded on, and taught me to live out what I was learning at BSSM until it wasn’t just knowledge, but who I am. 

– Christina Wood (2017)

Grace Place has honestly changed my life forever. In the beginning of the year, I didn’t fully know what I was getting myself into, but soon I realized that it was something I never wanted to leave. Not only did I find amazing leaders and a fun, loving family, but I also found true discipleship. I loved the housing, the opportunities, the events, the crazy intentionality, being stretched, being encouraged in the spiritual gifts, and the passion for Jesus Christ that is the very heartbeat of Grace Place. It took what I learned in BSSM and helped me make it a part of who I am. As someone who came into her 1st year not fully knowing her identity, I can say that without a doubt, Grace Place has helped me become who I was created and called to be. I’ve never experienced such real, loving, grace filled community and family before. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity of being in Grace Place 1st year.

– Amyjoy Osinga (2017)

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