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Posting & Managing Classified Ads

After I post my classified ad, can I change or update the content?
Yes! You can return to your ad by logging in and going to the My Account section during the period your ad is valid. You cannot, however, add new photos after initial publishing.
Can I add new photos to my listing after it has been published?
Yes, now you can! Simply return to your dashboard and click the pencil icon next to your ad to edit it.
How do I re-list my listing on IVR or extend the expiration date?
Listings on iVisitRedding can be re-listed after the ad has expired. Once your ad has expired, simply login and return to your Dashboard to see a lists of you ads. Expired ads will have a “Relist” button to the far right. Current listings must wait until the end of the listing term to renew.

Relist an ad or renew a listing on iVisitRedding.com

Click to see how to relist your expired ad on IVR.

Want longer terms? We do offer substantially discounted pricing for 6-month and 12-month featured listings. The IVR staff will send you an invoice via PayPal for your extended term and also handle processing IVR’s payment and renewal for you when you choose this method.

For more information about discounted featured listings, please see our Advertisement page.

Can I post my listing in more than one category on IVR?
No. In fact, on our free ads, this is in violation of our Terms of Service. Listing authors who post more than one ad per property will have their listings removed as we see them and, if repeated, will be banned from posting on IVR. Only recommended listings are allowed to be posted in more than one category as they are pre-filtered by IVR staff to be sure they are applicable to their categories.
Can I post more than one listing at a time on IVR?
Yes, as long as the listings are for unique properties, goods or services. You may not create multiple listings about the same item, property or service. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.
Can I renew my free classified ad on iVisitRedding?
At this time, no. Free listings expire every 30 days and must be re-posted. Only recommended listings can be renewed indefinitely. For more info about recommended listings, click here.
Can I post more images than the 4 image limit?
Yes, actually. Since IVR 3.0, you can now add HTML enhancements to your listing including YouTube videos and photo galleries. You can embed images or videos hosted on the cloud, such as on Dropbox, Google Drive or Flickr.
How come the $ shows up twice in my listing?
That’s because there is a $ in your price but IVR automatically adds the dollar sign for you. To help prevent this, next to the price field when you create your listing, it says “numbers only”.

IVR User Accounts

How can I put a custom image (avatar) next to my username on my profile and ads?
IVR uses the free Gravatar service for user profile images.

Once you register your email address, any blog or website that you comment on or contribute to that supports Gravatar will insert your custom avatar.

Simply visit gravatar.com and create a free account and make sure to register the same email address that you use for your IVR account.

Premium Advertising on IVR

I see that some ads on IVR are recommended or featured. How do I post a recommend ad?
Please visit our advertisement page here.
How can I advertisement my business or service on IVR?
Please visit our advertisement page here.

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