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Khomus Players Strucking The Instrument Between Their Lips.
how to play jaw harp

Nadishana is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer from Siberia, who creates his own unique and innovative approach to world fusion music - the creative synthesis of different musical traditions of the world on the basis of contemporary technologies. Airtist have met many wonderful people at magical and beautiful places. Just to name some: They toured in almost every country in Europe, Russia, Israel, the US. Played at the biggest festivals of the scene: Sziget, Boom, Ozora, Joshua Tree and many-many others. Airtist co-operates with the most acknowledged musicians of their field (e.g. Szokolay Dongó Balázs), takes part in the biggest concerts-show (Havasi Symphonic), works together with the finest indie music projects (e.g: Masala Sound System).
Working with many different musicians, John recorded award-winning albums ranging from Irish traditional music and the compositions of John Playford to medieval interpretations. Performing with his wife, Catherine Perrier , he travelled throughout Europe and north America. They toured extensively in France, documenting, collecting and recording songs and music from traditional sources. Both played an important role in the revival of traditional French folk music, song and dance.
Deze fantastische windchimes creeëren een magisch sfeertje, doordat ze lange tijd blijven naklinken en hun klank met momenten aanzwelt en dan terug wegebt. De wind blaast op de windschijf en doet zo de klopper tegen de klankstaven slaan. Tegelijkertijd brengt de wind één of meerdere horizontale resonatoren in beweging. Die heen- en weergaande beweging doet een zacht golvend ritme ontstaan waardoor de klank luider en dan weer stiller wordt.
To American players, the spectacular Khomus’s from Sakha-Yakutia, (Siberia) are an almost unobtainable treasure. I know of no American source for these beautiful, sometimes huge and rich sounding instruments. Werner Kempl in Kirchdorf, Austria (near Molln) sometimes sells them from his eclectic shop. I understand that he obtained his sources when his brother Franz (Chairman of the International Jews Harp Assoc.) was stationed in Yakutia with CARE.
Holding and playing a brass trump is similar to that of a Karinding, but with consideration of the reduced size and unique quality of the individual instrument. The embouchure’s "sweet spot" can be quite small. Once found, purse your lips around that area. This will enable you to use small amounts of air to alter the sound of the trump. It may even be possible to "blow start" the reed or keep the vibration "alive" for long periods. The mere act of flipping the tip of your tongue will result in a large tremolo effect.

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