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Are you looking for advertisement opportunities for your property, restaurant, event or service? We have have several options for advertisement on iVisitRedding.

Option 1: Featured Classified Listings on IVR – Monthly, 6-Month or 1-Year+ Basis

Featured Listing upgrade is now available on a month-to-month basis at the time of creating your listing. Upgrading your listing to a Featured Listing ads several advantages over the standard classified ads:

  1. Top of the stack. Your listing will be featured at the top of searches and category lists.
  2. Pop-out appearance. Featured Ads are included in the home page slider and are given more emphasis to stand out and catch greater attention.
  3. Larger photos. Your thumbnail image will display larger in the searches and category browsing lists.
  4. Help optimizing your ad. When we see issues with our Featured Ads or ways we can improve, we’ll fix them or let you know.
  5. Greater notoriety and trust. Since we look at the Featured Ads more closely, we remove the ones that do not provide quality services to the IVR patrons. IVR users can put greater confidence in doing business with our Featured Listing authors.

Discounts are available for Featured Listings on a prepaid 6-month or 1-year basis. Contact us for details.

Option 2: Ad Banner Advertisements

IVR also features ad banners currently in the right sidebar and additional locations soon. These banners are available on a 6-month or 1-year basis and in bundles with Featured Listings in the classified ads categories.

Why pre-pay for more than 1 month at a time?

In 3 words: trust, SEO and preference. Ads that our users see consistently become more familiar to the IVR community and perform better for their listing owners.

In addition, our search and category views now give preference to popular listings over newer ones so that simply re-posting your ad will not necessarily push you to the top. We’d like to think that this helps us honor our long-time advertisers for their loyalty.

Lastly, in the 21st century, Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game. Your listing has an address on our website, for example: “ivisitredding.com/very-nice-place-with-a-view”. These addresses get picked up by Google and potential customers are able to find your listings directly even before visiting ivisitredding.com when they search for things like “short term housing in Redding, CA” or “what’s going on in Redding in October?”. Keeping your listing alive and consistently for a long time allows for search engines to rank your ad more highly and for ad to accumulate user star ratings which also aid in preference and Google search ranking.

If you’re interesting in advertising on iVisitRedding, please contact us.

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